Lindblad Expeditions Holdings Inc.

Hidden Value Stocks: Lindblad Expeditions Holdings Inc. The simplest way of describing Lindblad is to call it a cruise line operator although there is much more to the company than just cruising. Lindblad’s offers exclusively natural geographic cruises, which it...

Hedge Funds We Profiled Killed It In 2016

Q4 updates BlueTower was up 33.36% in 2016 Stanphyl was 30.8% in 2016 Livermore was up 85% in 2016 Hazelton Capital was up 23.1% in 2016 S&C Capital is up around 28% for 2016 stay tuned for exact numbers We cannot disclose performance for Boyles The last fund does...

Stanphyl Up 31% In 2016

Stanphyl featured in our second edition - had a great year - the letter from December starts off with returns, macro, then Stanphyl's favorite short followed by the small cap positions. We will post those right after the intro since we think readers will be more...

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