Hidden Value Stocks Winter 2017 Issue

Welcome to the December issue of Hidden Value Stocks. In this last issue of the year, we profile two funds that have different strategies, but both are looking to accomplish the same goal; finding value where others can’t. The first interview is with Hayden Capital’s...

Logos November Performance And Tax Musings

So what of Trump’s new tax reform package? Despite Trump’s approval ratings hitting a new low, the market appears to be applauding it. From our perspective, although this tax package will likely stimulative in the short term, in the long term a fiscal stimulus through...

Sohn London 2017 Conference Notes

Some notes on the recent Sohn Conference held in London at the end of November. ValueWalk was in attendance at the event but these detailed notes are exclusive to Hidden Value Stocks Subscribers. For the best reading experience (to be able to use the links) please...

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