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“I've always been a value investor as I don't like overpaying for anything including securities. ValueWalk is a good place for cheapos like me to gather investing info”

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Turn Your Portfolio Into An ROI-Bursting Powerhouse…

Eliminate endless hours of research, analysis and eye-blinding amounts of reading by joining ValueWalk Premium.

Even if you are just getting started or have a lot of experience investing, ValueWalk Premium will help you make informed decisions on your investment needs.

So you can confidently make investments that you’ll get returns on without wasting your valuable time and money guessing and hoping you’ve made the right decision.

You will have access to resources and tools that few others have, giving you an advantage to increase the value of your portfolio.

You will also get daily email newsletters detailing the hottest trends and information about the market, as well as monthly reports and research to help you take advantage of the investment opportunities available to you.

But that’s just some of the many advantages of joining Value Walk Premium…

Hi, I’m Jacob Wolinsky and I am the founder of ValueWalk. I started ValueWalk in 2012 as a side business, while working my full time job…

Within a few months I had 100,000 visitors flocking to due to the investment advice and research I was providing.

Since then I have helped millions of visitors just like you make informed investment decisions and recommendations of small cap picks my team and I have researched.

Over the past few years I have highlighted 31 stocks on ValueWalk Premium and they’ve averaged a total of 47.5% return from the time of publication. Which works out to be 21.46% in annual returns.

But let’s be honest. Not every gem… is a gem. 

I get thousands of recommendations from people and businesses all over. All claiming to have the perfect investment opportunity for ValueWalk Premium subscribers.

…but not all of them make the cut. 

In fact I rarely even mention those people and businesses. Because I have a tried and true method of investing.

I did this by creating a strategy that has proven itself over and over. I did this by creating a network to include several of the under the radar fund managers who consistently nail their investments out of the park and now help give advance to our premium subscribers.

But the fact is… most people who just start to invest by themselves lose a lot of money. Not because they are stupid or even naive. But because they didn’t research the investments like a professional investor would have. 

They didn’t

…see the signs…

…know where to look…

…have access to the reports…

…have a team of highly experienced investors to consult at their leisure…

I know that because I didn’t have that at one time too. 

Looking back now I wish I could have been able to find a service that would provide unbiased recommendations and detailed research to me so I could make better decisions with my investments.

Which is why I started in 2012. I wanted to help people like myself succeed, with an incredible amount of research, time, and effort I did this and now has helped millions of investors.

If you’re an investor you probably already know the value of ValueWalk. But the thing is you are only seeing a sliver of what we offer in our free newsletter and website.

If you are wanting to reduce the amount of time, effort and eye-blinding amount of research that it takes to find the right investment you are in the right place.

You know what I am talking about… 

The endless hours reviewing reports, graphs, talking with other investors, going through the SEC filings and after all the time and consideration… your left with either investing into something you’ve spent hours working on or… looking for another opportunity…

I’ve seen it time and time again. People trying to gather as much data as possible only to miss the opportunity because they were so busy researching the investment.

…then they feel as if they have to invest in it to justify the amount of time they’ve spent researching it.

If you are an experienced investor you know what I am talking about. 

You know that your time and money are assets which you must be aware of at all times. So naturally you start looking for free resources to help you find better investment opportunities only to find…

…that everyone else is doing the same thing… 

Like watching CNBC or other financial programs… only to realize that if it’s on TV, you’ve already missed out.

…or you’ve tried some get rich scheme that promises to make you a millionaire in a few days or a few months if you pay thousands of dollars… only to help them build their net worth and not yours.

…and you decide you need to try something else. 

…so you spend countless hours of pouring over data that might or might not help you make a great decision.

Then you look for other alternatives and start reading about people like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger to only discover that you’re playing a different game.

They are investing millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars into investments that are not the right solution for YOU.

After doing this over and over… your mind starts to wonder if there are any other tools or resources you could pay for that would help expedite your research process.

So you join a subscription service like Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg or some other service only to realize that everyone else has the same information available to them…

…once again you start looking for an alternative method. Something simple, something that would be worth your time and effort.

And you’ve finally found it… At ValueWalk Premium makes it easy for you

We do all the leg work so you don’t have to. 

With all the research done for you all you have to do is sit back, login and you’ll have access to all our research and analysis that would have taken you hours, if not days, to do by yourself.

With a ValueWalk Premium subscription we’ll provide you with information based on what’s working, what has worked in the past and how the top fund managers are currently positioning themselves.

In fact, what my team and I do isn’t a secret… but it’s also something most investors never even consider doing.

What we do, anyone can do.

We find, research and present information on what top fund managers are doing to consistently make 20-25% gains. But it takes a lot of time, effort and work to do it.

…then you have the other guys… you know who I am talking about.

The people who sit on their couch at night and watch CNBC once or read an article from Bloomberg about a company…


All of a sudden they are investment experts. Yet ironically they work at the local Starbucks and drive a car that should have been sent to the junkyard five years ago, yet they are trying to give investment advice like their life depended on it.

News channels, especially nowadays, use speculation rather than facts to back up what they want.

…why would they do that?

The simple answer is… they’re a business and as a business they have to profit. So they get paid to feature specific people and investments to make a profit.

Unfortunately we live in an age where greed has overcome morals and ethics…

That is why I created ValueWalk. To be able to report and factually base recommendations to ValueWalk Premium subscribers with detailed analysis and expert advice from top hedge fund managers and others in the field.

At ValueWalk we don’t get paid by anyone but our subscribers… 

…and we do not invest in anything but mutual funds so that our readers can get unbiased information without having to worry about our intentions.

What’s Different About ValueWalk Premium?

While Warren Buffet’s net worth is approximately 103 billion dollars at the time of this writing, not everyone has that kind of money. We take that into account when we research and deliver our reports to our ValueWalk Premium subscribers.

Instead we take Warren Buffet’s advice:

“If I had $10,000 to invest, I would focus on smaller companies because there would be a greater chance that something was overlooked in that arena.”

Warren Buffet

We focus on delivering and reporting on the best small caps that would provide the returns we all dream about.

If you are skeptical about what ValueWalk can do for you, I get it, I really do.

At ValueWalk we are so committed to your success that we even have a 7 day trial period and a 30 day back guarantee.

In fact we believe in our service so much that if you’re not happy neither are we!

So we’ve implemented a 30 day no questions asked return policy if you aren’t satisfied.

“Valuewalk has the most comprehensive collection of presentations, investment letters and ideas.”

-Guneet, Value Walk Email Subscriber

“ValueWalk's emails keep me abreast of interesting happenings in the investing world, often not covered elsewhere. The perspectives are refreshing and relevant.”

-Akshay, ValueWalk Email Subscriber

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7-day trial period and a no questions 

asked 30-day money back guarantee

“…gives me a bird's-eye view of the entire investing world which keeps abreast of any new developments.”

-Ashwin Kumar Madala, Value Walk Email Subscriber

“Helps me look for new investment ideas and get more information on stocks I am already considering for investment.”

Craig Graydon, ValueWalk Email Subscriber

In-depth investment advice without the noise of mainstream media.

As I am sure you already know, there are thousands of investment opportunities on the market.

Which means a lot of investments are overlooked and have tremendous value for any investor that takes the time to research and invest in it.

But let’s be honest with ourselves here…

Researching these investments takes a lot of time and effort…

That’s why ValueWalk Premium is such a great tool for you to have in your back pocket. We provide you recommendations that a variety of investors haven’t found or are completely unaware of.

Some ValueWalk Premium subscribers are:

  • Major hedge fund CIOs
  • Highly independent thinkers
  • Everyday investors without a lot of money to invest
  • Investors looking to get unbiased research, reports and news

If they trust us… why wouldn’t you?

It’s crazy. 

No one compares to what we have to offer at these prices.

Get immediate access to all the recommendations, reports,  and tools ValueWalk Premium has to offer.

As part of our ValueWalk Premium subscription you will also be able to access our:

Unbiased, factual reporting and investment recommendations. At ValueWalk we are 100% committed to recommending investments that are conflict free. So much so that Jacob Wolinsky the CEO of no longer invests in anything but mutual funds to give ValueWalk Premium subscribers the most unbiased information available online.

Hedge Fund Database – search hundreds of hedge fund letters by managers with our unique database tool.

Premium Content – ValueWalk premium members-only articles that will keep you in the know on market trends, updates and more. 

ValueWalk Premium subscribers also get recommendations on specific companies and funds based on research, analysis and top fund managers’ expertise.

13F Tool – Is a searchable database showing you what fund managers are buying. We update this tool every quarter when the information comes available. So it’s easy, convenient, and ready for your use when you need it.

Stock and hedge performance updates that are overlooked by big names like CNBC, Bloomberg and other brands. Which means that you will be able to grow your investment portfolio and maximize your returns based on solid research and analysis.  

If that wasn’t enough for you then let me put it this way: ValueWalk Premium is read on a daily basis by senior level executives at the largest banks, hedge funds, asset managers and Fortune 500 companies.

So if you are tired of miniscule gains and want to have an edge over other investors, look no further.

ValueWalk Premium will help you be able to build your investments, with daily inverter news emails, powerful tools, plus all the research and reports at your disposal.

‘…being a part of ValueWalk Premium is like getting money to read. It’s just that amazing.’

“Hedge Fund Letters are of great value to me. They allow me to better understand how funds are thinking about their positions and give me quite unique ideas and points of view way beyond the mainstream financial media. It’s like ‘noise reduction' for me”

-Mikhail Pershin

“I read this every morning and get great ideas.”

-Yoram, Email Subscriber

I've Done The Work For You (So You don't Have To)

There are so many stocks just in the United States, that it’s impossible to find, research and make sound decisions by yourself.

There are 7,754 stocks in the NYSE and 4,448 Nasdaq… and that’s just in the United States at the time of this writing.

That’s a lot of stocks. 

There are too many stocks for just one person or even a team to research and make a decision on which to invest in.

We get that there are a lot of newsletters and services out there that you can subscribe to. All claiming to have the best information for investors and the best returns. 

Some of those sites claim they have “ignored conventional wisdom.” Others claim they’ve beaten the market and show cherry picked data on their sales pages.

While other newsletters and services charge an exorbitant amount of money for putting together a simple report that was copied and pasted from company reports that were given to them for free and then they send them out to their subscribers…

…and as if that wasn’t enough…

A lot of these investing sites get paid to feature specific investments and then they claim that these investments they are featuring are going to get huge returns… because they are paid to say that…

…that’s just wrong.

There should be a service that is neutral. A service that provides quality information for their subscribers, without having their subscribers worry if what they are getting is some publicity stunt or if it’s an actual recommendation.

That’s why ValueWalk was started. 

Since 2012, ValueWalk has provided millions of investors investment news, strategies, reports and information that isn’t sponsored by anyone. 

At ValueWalk we only make money from our premium subscribers and our ads on our free website. 


Which says a lot about who we are. 

Which means that if we don’t give out the research and recommendations that are valuable to our subscribers, we wouldn’t be in business.

Instead, we have thousands of premium subscribers

All of those premium subscribers get our quarterly report that interviews some of the best under the radar fund managers that focus on undervalued stocks.

Which gives our subscribers an edge in today’s market.

These ideas are so “fresh”, they won’t be found on CNBC or some other investor site because if it’s found there… more than likely the opportunity has already passed.

Each quarterly report consists of 20+ pages that include at least 2 interviews from under the radar fund managers and at least six stocks that are thoroughly researched, reported on and analyzed.

That’s why Hidden Value Stocks is a great solution that will help you find the information you need in addition to your own investment research.

We’ve helped thousands of people with our financial research, analysis and recommendations that have given people 47.5% returns,


Expert investment recommendations without the expert price tag

“I've always been a value investor as I don't like overpaying for anything including securities. ValueWalk is a good place for cheapos like me to gather investing info”

-Craig, Email Subscriber

With Hidden Value Stocks you can be the Warren Buffet of value stocks. 

With everything you get, we think it’s a valuable resource that will help improve your returns.

  • Quarterly report on the best undervalued stock ideas to help build your portfolio.
  • At least two interviews of under the radar top fund managers that are consistently getting amazing 20-25% returns. 
  • Detailed research and analysis from the top fund managers that are consistently getting amazing returns. 
  • Recommendations for optimizing your portfolio with unique, “fresh” stock picks that will help you maximize your results.

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“…ValueWalk provides a mountain of investing advice, every article reflects genius…”

-Dr Venkateshan

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