Hidden Value Small-Cap Stocks

Hidden Value Small-Cap Stocks

We asked a ton of ValueWalk readers what their #1 goal was for improving their value investing.

Can you guess what they said?

No, it wasn’t more coverage of Apple or Tesla, those are already well covered by the likes of CNBC, sell side firms and blogs. Nor was it more coverage of risky leveraged trades, ETNs.

They wanted good small-cap investment ideas that are vetted and have liquidity, but not well covered by Wall Street, Bloomberg, CNBC, sell-side analysts, blogs or even closed sites like SumZero or Value Investing Club.

This answer makes sense: we all want to collect more winners in our portfolio.

But after following investments of ultra-famous investors (Buffett, Dalio, Icahn), reading diligently through 10-Qs at night, and even combing through article after article on obscure forums and blogs, it can be hard to find qualified “special situation” ideas that aren’t already widely known.

So our team has been quietly working on a product to help fix this exact problem…

Hidden value small-cap stocks

Actionable value investment ideas from qualified investors

Under the radar small caps is a 30+ page deep dive report that gives you detailed analysis behind specific small and mid cap stocks that two under-the-radar value investing hedge fund are invested in.

Sign up now and you get:

  • All prior issues
  • In each issue we do a deep dive into at least two small-cap stock ideas that the hedge fund is betting big on.
  • Other stocks the funds like besides those two
  • We discuss the companies’ histories
  • Why the stocks are undervalued
  • Catalysts that could lead to much higher valuations from current prices
  • Why other funds and investors are not looking at these securities
  • A chance to connect at any time with the fund managers to talk about stocks and or their funds
  • Frequent updates on fund manager activity and their updates on the stocks.

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