Livermore Partners Q2 Partner Report

To Partners:

2018 performance continues to be strong for Livermore Partners. Even in the face of a turbulent global backdrop, we continue to benefit from a strong US market and Brent crude pricing. Which given lack of re-investment, is finally in position to hold a strong price band($70-80/bbl) with spike potential to $150/bbl, especially given geopolitics and sanctions globally taking center stage.

The interesting dynamic today is that even with all the political discord, US equities outperformed, and remained strong in the face of a powerful US Dollar and weak emerging markets. This bifurcation allowed unique opportunities to flourish if one was positioned well. Thankfully, we were.

Therefore, I am pleased to share that as of June 30th, Livermore Strategic Opportunities LP ended with a gain of 15.44% through Q2 2018.

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