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Linked below are the editions we’ve put together so far. We email subscribers directly with new versions, which we publish near the last day of each quarter ie Q1 2018 usually goes up around March 31st, 2018 etc. We will also send you regular updates on the funds which allow us to do so, plus occasional items of interest.

2019 Issues

  1. March 2019 — Breach Inlet Capital Management and Gate City Capital Management
  2. June 2019 — Old West Opportunity Fund, Choice Equities Update, Olesen Value Fund

Previous editions: 2018

  1. March 2018 — Old West and Songbird
  2. June 2018 — Liberty Park, Choice Equities
  3. September 2018 — Global Quality Edge Fund, Bonhoeffer Capital
  4. December 2018 — McIntyre Partnerships, Saga Partners 

Previous editions: 2017

  1. March 2017 – Arquitos Capital & Alluvial
  2. June 2017 – GrizzlyRock Capital & Verdad Capital Management
  3. September 2017 – Logos LP & Dane Capital 
  4. December 2017 — Hayden Capital, Avenir Capital

Previous editions: 2016 

  1. Winter 2016 – Foundry Group
  2. Spring 2016 – Stanphyl Capital
  3. June 2016 – S&C Messina Capital
  4. September 2016 – Hazelton Capital
  5. October 2016 – Boyles Asset Management
  6. December 2016 – Livermore Capital & BlueTower

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