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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are you getting the ideas in the report? The ideas are from the underrated hedge funds’ investments. These managers have vetted the ideas and the stock picks don’t show up on other investment sites like SumZero, Seeking Alpha or Value Investors Club, or in newsletters like Insider Monkey. These ideas generally aren’t trackable using SEC filings and 13Fs.

How many issues does a subscription include? We send out a 30 plus page report every three months profiling two managers in each issue and two small caps they like (total of four ideas), for a total of four issues a year.  Plus we send out updates on the funds on a monthly basis if they allow us to do so and add some write ups and free content during that day.

What else do subscribers get? As mentioned above, we send out occasional emails with unique small-caps and hedge fund reports. This includes hedge fund writeups and investor letters that are unique and offer insight into  under the radar small cap stocks. We also keep investors up to date on past hedge funds we’ve covered, with their monthly or quarterly letters.

How is this different from Value Investors Club? We’re looking for stocks that are underfollowed and not pumped by the media. These stocks have been vetted by small and underrated hedge funds. The ideas are also “fresh” meaning they aren’t 90+ days old like most stock pitches on Value Investors Club. Additionally, there are thousands of small caps just in the US – many of the companies have never been profiled on VIC or elsewhere.

Will the report include companies from all over the world? The focus will be on U.S. listed stocks, but sometimes we’ll cover companies from other countries as well from time to time.

What’s the typical size of the companies covered in the report? Mostly small and mid-cap stocks, ranging from $50 million to a couple billion dollars in market cap, with liquidity and generally long ideas with little coverage.

How much does it cost? $349.99 a year – you are not charged for the first seven days and you can cancel at anytime during that time period.


How are you getting access to these managers? We have a great network of contacts in the hedge fund world, including those managing billions to managing just a few million. The hedge funds and ideas we are covering  are underrated. They have found great stocks in the past and have interesting ideas today. They’re interested in helping investors learn about how to source underrated stocks and tell the story about their big idea. The key is that they are looking for solid exposure and brand recognition from  real, vetted investors, thus, they’re willing to release info in an exclusive, paid product, instead of just some open forum. We are not compensated in any manner, we simply pick who we think provides alpha.

Still not convinced? Click here to see a partial sample or feel free to ask any questions at support@valuewalk.com

How is the track record of these hedge funds verified? That comes from their performance data they publish in their letters and disclose privately with their auditor/prime broker. We are not auditors or registered investment advisors. We pick the managers who we feel have integrity, know personally at times and these managers are mostly managing family money and their own capital – they aren’t running a lot of outside money yet and have little reason to be deceptive.  See more below.

Is additional insight on the manager’s stock picking ability provided? We will provide as much info as we have, which could include the fund’s alpha and Sharpe ratios. In addition, we provide an in-depth question interview with the manager so you can see first hand how they source, vet, and analyze ideas. If you are truly interested in possibly investing in the hedge fund, you can use these reports as a solid springboard to connect with the fund manager – who is happy to answer any subscriber questions – and do a deeper due diligence drive, including contacting other partners – prime broker, investors etc. We are also happy to make the intro if that will help.

Is this just a list of stocks, or will you provide analysis and background on the investments? It’s not just a list of stocks. Our key focus is on the story and analysis, with numbers to back up the investment case. It will vary but could include info on company management’s ability to continue growing the company or whether new management and a shift in the company’s strategy is being overlooked. See the above outlines for exactly what’s covered.

Is there any common theme or specialization with the stocks covered? The ideas covered will vary, but the common theme is that they be under-valued and underfollowed and they will be almost always long ideas and there will be liquidity so you can actually purchase these companies if you wish to do so.  The idea is that these are underfollowed stocks vetted by funds that specialize in their respective areas. This could include special situation stocks, turnarounds, cigar butts, long-term compounders and more. We sometimes do short ideas but try to stick to long only and US listed stocks.

Who are you? HiddenValueStocks is owned and operated by VALUEWALK LLC. This site is jointly run by Rupert Hargreaves and Jacob Wolinsky.

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