Boyles Fund — Q3 2017 Letter to Partners

Unfortunately, we can’t publish the whole Boyles Fund Q3 letter due to compliance reasons but here’s an extract and commentary on some positions: Dear Partners, Our slightly negative performance during the quarter was driven largely by a meaningful decline in our largest holding. Our cash balance has also begun to move back up, as we exited a smaller position and received some dividends during the quarter. We discuss this and other Continue Reading →

Boyles Asset Management – Q2 2017 Letter Excerpt

“In general, survival is the only road to riches. Let me say that again: Survival is the only road to riches.” –Financial historian, economist, and educator Peter L. Bernstein (2004 interview with Jason Zweig) As he did in his 2007 book, A Demon of Our Own Design, Richard Bookstaber returns to the story of the cockroach with his 2017 book, The End of Theory.  The cockroach has survived and thrived for about 300 million years, Continue Reading →